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berlin, i love you spoiler

I didn’t even know the half of it, and I’m really glad I … Mad Spin Doctors Trying to Sell Berlin As a Cure For Depression! This film is depressing to watch. In the concluding tale, Justin Franklin’s “Embassy,” Sibel Kekilli plays a would-be journalist who is reduced to driving a cab to make a living when a potentially big story literally lands in the back seat of her car. Jenna Dewan! Lovely people, lovely love- nice action and some fun. Til Schweiger’s “Love is in the Air” finds an aging American (Mickey Rourke) trying to pick up a much younger fellow American (Toni Garrn) in a bar and while I won’t reveal what happens from that point, the fact that the screenplay for this segment was penned by none other than Neil LaBute should alert you that happiness and good cheer are probably not just around the corner. If F.W. Considering how many stars were listed it was surprisingly rubbish. A number of movies inside a movie, or stories within a story. Anyway, I thought "Berlin, I love you" was lovely. This was the first Steffy storyline that I was actually interested in and the whole thing was a big dud. | Peter Chelsom’s “Berlin Ride” stars Jim Sturgess as a man who has come to Berlin to drink himself to death following a bad romance and who learns to live and love again. What I DID like was the vignettes of life and love in Berlin, and that the love in these vignettes took different forms: the film isn't entirely dedicated to romantic love but to love in all its forms, including sacrifice, love for strangers and love as acceptance. All in all: Yes, this is a very bad movie. For those, may I recommend “Wings of Desire,” a film which is both a vastly superior work and which offers a more satisfying look at the idea of love in Berlin than this one can even begin to muster. While holidaying in Berlin, Australian photographer, Clare, meets Andi, a charismatic local man and there is an instant attraction between them. But "Berlin" was really hard to watch, depressing and boring. Where the hell is Hayden Panettiere that you advertise in your cast? As for the film please.... please don't waste your time. You can wish for anything and do as you please. This? Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). | I simply can't believe it. The cringiest part had to be Mickey Rourke hitting on a girl he met in the bar. This film is pretty much all in English, barely shows the charm of the city, poor craftsmanship with a big budget and falls flat when attempting to make you believe in love. With all the posturing and fakeness they can muster. There is strong language ('f**k') Sex. This item: Berlin, I Love You [Blu-ray] by Keira Knightley Blu-ray $16.39. After 5 years living in Berlin I don't recognize much of the city in this film. Film Review: ‘Berlin, I Love You’ Reviewed online, Feb. 6, 2019. Of the stories, my favorite is probably “Berlin Dance,” which may be the slightest of the bunch but which is undeniably charming nevertheless. On Metacritic, the film holds a rating of 34 out of 100, based on … So many amazing actors, with stories about life and love...and traveling to Berlin. Berlin, I Love You perversely does the opposite. spoiler. With “Berlin, I Love You,” the problem is compounded by the fact that most of the stories are not particularly interesting, either on their own or as part of a whole, and don’t really make much of an argument for the romantic aspects of Berlin. The ensemble story is set on the streets of Berlin, and explores how romance is expressed through love won, lost and everything in between. “I want you to be happy. That's a fundamentally distorted view of the world. Share. Why is this storyline going so fast?! Running time: 120 MIN. A few of the ten-minute films could benefit from better pacing, or a more impactful ending. The short answer, no. An insult to filmmaking, Berlin and the actors involved! The Jim Sturgess segment about the car is interesting and funny. Not even remotely. While the charm of Berlin and its people does shine through a few scenes, the majority of the stories fail to fulfill the even basic elements of good storytelling. Metacritic Reviews. Berlin, I Love You adalah film drama romantis antologi 2019 yang dibintangi oleh para pemain ansambel. Oh and Mickey Rourke scene was just embarrassing, I was sitting with my eyes half closed (if I ignore it maybe it will go away). Close. Euphoria Returns with a Brilliant, Moving Holiday Episode, The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Recap: The Empire Strikes Back, Again, A Bigot Walks into A Bar: The Politics of Joe, 50 Years Later, It Was Great To Play An Actual Cartoon! Keira Knightley! I have not seen any of the other city love movies but if they asre anything like this then not my cup of tea. | Their point of view. The once-divided nature of Berlin isn’t given much consideration in “Berlin, I Love You,” the fifth film in the Cities of Love anthology series. 120 min - Drama | Romance - Friday, 08 February 2019 (USA) 0.0 /10 : 0 people rate - YouTheater. Alright, buckle up kids. Berlin, I Love You is a film directed by Dianna Agron, Peter Chelsom, Fernando Eimbcke ... with Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, Jim Sturgess, Mickey Rourke .... Year: 2019. With all history behind a city as Berlin, one of the most important cities of the world, all the references and places that they could have used, the final film turned out to be something so out of focus with what I expected. This time around, there are ten stories, one of which, Josef Rusnak’s “Transitions,” serves as a wraparound that eventually and tenuously connects the other segments. Note: The following text may contain spoilers. Paris Je T'Aime had some amazing atmosphere and fantastic acting. than that is a film for you. It makes you nervous that if you don't like one segment, which you surely won't, another mediocre-to-awful one will follow. It definitely has a European vibe: there's no Hollywood hype here or over-dramatic acting; at times, it shows a bleak side to life but I like this kind of realism. The amount of things they've got completely wrong is amazing. But there is the other, free-spirited side which wasn't captured at all. This film does not represent the berlin i have known and lived in for so many years even in the slightest. I thought Jenna Dewan, Diego Luna and Diana Aragon were wonderful. “Hidden” has an intriguing premise but is over too quickly to make much of it, a problem which also befalls “Drag Queen” (the latter also dogged by the perhaps dubious casting of Diego Luna in the title role). View title of the movie Berlin, I Love You: Berlin, I Love You . I was incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed by how bad these shorts were executed. 4.5 /10 : 1,599 people rate - IMDB. “Under Your Feet” is well-meaning but oddly shifts its focus from the refugee problem to the comparatively uninteresting mother-daughter dynamic. The biggest flop, however, is “Lucinda in Berlin,” which is such a wan little embarrassment that its presence can only be explained by the fact that the presence of Wilson and Agron might attract a few more viewers. don't get mi wrong, the film is not bad, I just felt so uninvolved in all those stories. Are you looking for weird, boring, unrelatable, not connected stories? Made berlin looks bad in this filthy garbage.nice cast though but complete and utter BS storyline. Ignore this movie, believe the rate. Find all 19 songs in Berlin, I Love You Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. Awards It will not attract many tourists, if any at all. Two thumbs up :). Archived *SPOILERS *SEASON 2 DISCUSSION *SPOILERS* ... Tokyo and Berlin having a love thing really caused so many problems as well. Massy Tadjedin’s “Under Your Feet” is about a refugee worker (Keira Knightley) who finds herself taking a young Arab child home with her while his mother is away, much to the consternation of her own mother (Helen Mirren), who wishes that she wouldn’t try to take on all the problems of the world herself. Berlin, I Love You perversely does the opposite. I did not expect to like this as much as I did! Some of the authors quite obviously think that Berlin would be a better place without Germans. Play Trailer with subtitles. With “Berlin, I Love You,” the problem is compounded by the fact that most of the stories are not particularly interesting, either on their own or as part of a whole, and don’t really make much of an argument for the romantic aspects of Berlin. I am a huge fan of this kind of movies "short random (or not) stories in one". Original title: Berlin, I Love You. At first glance, this may look like a moviegoing feast, but those who do make it through will find themselves feeling overstuffed and yet still somehow unsatisfied and hungering for a real movie. Ships from and sold by I love you :spoiler. This film is a collage of segments of people whose lives intersect in Berlin. Watch this. Latest installment of the Cities of Love series (Paris, je t'aime / New York, I Love You / Rio, Eu Te Amo), this collective feature film is made of ten stories of romance set in the German capital. Everyone was great but those were the standouts for me. In the case of “Berlin, I Love You,” only a couple of them really work and even those are not quite good enough to encourage viewers to slog through the rest in order to see them. Overall a major let-down and Berlin simply does not deserve this. The sound track and music were excellent, and the visuals very strong. I would love to know the spoilers! “Berlin, I Love You” Posted on June 21, 2019 by rogerinorlando And so the filmed letters to cities and lovers in those cities that began with “Paris, je t’aime,” ambled into “New York, I Love You” and ventured to “Rio, Eu Te Amo” finds its way to Deutschland with — wait for it — “Berlin, I Love You.” With Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, Jim Sturgess. But if not - I wouldn't even have a slightest urge to visit it after watching this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Jenna Dewan shows a little of her dance skills. The tone is also all over the place, as whimsical stories like “Berlin Ride” and “Berlin Dance” rest uneasily amidst the ones involving the plights of refugees and the Times Up movement. It is simply a nice movie, full of educating moments and full of humanity. A man and woman have sex, standing up, in the rear of a nightclub, with … Complete song list of Berlin, I Love You. all stories aren't connected to eachother and they are really really boring. You are probably like me wondering, is this as good as Paris Je T'Aime? Or one cliche after another? There was a movie about Paris, a movie about New York City, and a movie about Rio, and Berlin, I Love You just premiered last week, on Fri. Feb. 8. Too bad, with the great actors and actresses in this i expected something better. I really enjoyed this film. Berlin, I Love You in US theaters February 8, 2019 starring Diego Luna, Jack Huston, Sophie Turner, Keira Knightley. “Lucinda in Berlin” finds Dianna Agron pulling double duty as both the director and co-star, playing a winsome puppeteer who helps to rejuvenate a burned-out Hollywood producer (Luke Wilson). I travel to Berlin often it's a beautiful city. With Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, Jim Sturgess. The episodes span years, and you get the full story of just how messed up this project was. The Bold and the Beautiful. Life can be easy, if we choose not to complicate it. In Stock. Language. This movie doesn't have a standard introduction, body and conclusion. BERLIN, I LOVE YOU is a romantic drama in which ten different people experience romantic liaisons in Berlin . I also enjoyed the acting, which felt very natural. It's like I walked into Berlin and got to spend some time in other people's lives, share their thoughts and imagination for a little while. Peter Sobczynski is a contributor to and Magill's Cinema Annual and can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated "Mancow's Morning Madhouse" radio show. The trouble with movies of this sort is that even when the stories are good on an individual level, the need to shift from one narrative to the next every 10-15 minutes can lead to a certain amount of frustration after a while. Also Read: Helen Mirren's 'Berlin, I Love You' Sells to Saban Films It’s important to stress that these storylines simply happen and don’t actually unfold. Of course, making a multi-story film of this type in which all the tales are bonafide hits is practically impossible. Latest installment of the Cities of Love series (Paris, je t'aime / New York, I Love You / Rio, Eu Te Amo), this collective feature … 'Berlin, I Love You' has been made by people, who don't know much about Berlin. A hope that even when we feel lost, we'll be found again. Produksi bersama Jerman dan AS, film ini berfungsi sebagai lanjutan dari seri Cities of Love, seri yang dibuat oleh Emmanuel Benbihy. While this film might not be everyone's cup of tea, I think it's a breath of fresh air in the movie scene. Special moments tied right in to current events and reality, I thought this movie was released years ago but it makes plenty of sense it's from 2019. It holds a 11% approval rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 18 reviews, with a weighted average of 3.94/10. Want one cliched PC lecture after another? Welcome to Marwen [Blu-ray] by Steve Carell Blu-ray $14.13. Some segments are better than others. A piece of life we get to witness. Pointless, don't waste 2 hours of your life on this...If there is 0 as a rating, I eould give them 0. Charming and enjoyable. I'm sorry but I didn't like it. Holmes and Watson [Blu-ray] by Will Ferrell Blu-ray $9.96. In that one, two street performers—an Israeli singer (Rafaelle Cohen) and a German (Robert Stradlober), who stands around dressed like one of the hovering angels from “Wings of Desire”—meet cute and find themselves gradually drawn to each other. Ships from and sold by Mickey Rourke segment is oddly fascinating. Like every cliche about love is packed into it. User Ratings Berlin, I Love You received negative reviews from film critics. I also heard people comparing it to Paris, I Love You and finding it lacking. Posted by 2 years ago. I’m so glad a reader pointed me to this 5-part podcast on the new Berlin Brandenburg airport which finally opened last month. Nothing is about "love or spirit". Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Dont even bother this propaganda movie! Not everything is served on a golden platter. The Helen Mirren one with a refugee kid is touching. “Love is in the Air” is not especially good—the twist can be seen a million miles away—but Rourke’s performance is strong and sure. It's not an Oscar movie but thoroughly enjoyable! Each story sets up a good premise only to disappoint the audience with an unjustifiable cliché ending, as if someone was yelling at the film makers to wrap up on the last days of the shoot. Apart from the depressing vibe, which it has. This just seems like a high budget tourist ad for Berlin but at least it has pretty ladies. | Find music from Berlin, I Love You (2019). These movies somehow manage to attract casts of interesting, varied, mostly B-level and some A-list actors, and Berlin, I Love You is no exception. However, if you wish to enter a stranger's world for a moment, to see the beautiful scenery of Berlin, to hear wonderful messages of tolerance and humanity, and other things mentioned above, then you should watch this movie. Diego Luna plays the title role in “Drag Queen,” in which his character has a riverside meeting of the minds with a teenaged boy (Michelangelo Fortuzzi) who is questioning his own sexuality. I have no idea why this movie has bad reviews. Yes, in a not-so-thinly-veiled metaphor, Joe falls in love with a woman named Love. In fact, while most of the stories in the Paris and New York iterations were undeniably connected to their settings, the connection here is far more abstract—a number of the stories here could be taken out and reset in practically any other city in the world with only minimal changes to the material. "Berlin, I Love You" features no real duds even if some entries are disappointing. Nearly everybody in Berlin speaks English all the time? In spite of reiterated attempts of cheerfulness, 'Berlin, I Love You' is basically a very bleak and boring movie. On a much lighter note, “Berlin Dance” finds lost tourist Jenna Dewan stumbling into an elaborate ballroom dancing fantasia complete with an appearance by the famed Palast Orchester. “Transitions” is cute and that is about it. I don't feel it deserves the low ratings it's received on this site. The latter is especially awkward as it lurches between honest truth-telling in its early moments to something broader and sillier that concludes, I kid you not, with a wacky dance party. Absolutely didn't enjoy this. Edit movie details. October 18, 2020, 7:56pm #1. Steffy tells Finn that she loves him in the preview for next week. It makes you nervous that if you don't like one segment, which you surely won't, another mediocre-to … “Me Three” starts well but ends badly. Netflix's new original series, Home for Christmas is a wild ride. “Berlin, I Love You” is the latest edition in the “Cities of Love” franchise, a series of films created by producer Emmanuel Benbihy that consist of a series of short films, oftentimes featuring top names on both sides of the camera, that all take place in one specific city—previous installments have been centered around Paris, New York, and Rio—and which all focus on the various possibilities of love that can be found there in a sort of intercontinental riff on “Love American Style.” For some viewers, this particular edition might seem like a bit of a hard sell because when one tries to imagine a city known for its overwhelmingly romantic properties, Berlin does not exactly leap to the mind in the way that Paris obviously does. Insufferable and weak. I want to give you a season where you don’t have to be constantly wary of other people.” After meeting Arendt, Niveia’s winter began to overflow… into spring as the snow began to melt. Lynn1216. Directed by Dianna Agron, Peter Chelsom, Claus Clausen. Paris, je t'aime? not really digging berlin with this tourist bull****, 0 "Transitions", the wraparound (director: Josef Rusnak), 4 "Berlin Dance" (Justin Franklin, Daniel Lwowski), 5 "Me Three" (Stephanie Martin, Claus Clausen). Rough. The laundromat segment about female empowerment is original. And, spoiler alert: she's just as crazy as he is. There are no grandiose scenes to entertain you every second, without you having to think about anything. The film evidently lacks cohesion, a valuable lesson on how to misuse the good template set up by its reputable predecessors. I'm shocked at the ratings. 42. No summary. You know Joe as the charming-yet-incredibly-crazy protagonist/antagonist, but who is his new leading lady? I was in Berlin and it's an amazing city. Part of the same “Cities in Love” itinerary that previously included stops in Paris, New York and Rio, the wildly uneven anthology “Berlin, I Love You” exhibits telltale signs of jet lag. Directed by Dianna Agron, Peter Chelsom, Claus Clausen. “Berlin Ride” is just kind of silly. This already looks lame. I thought it was a cinematic glimpse into Berlin visually, as well as culturally. Most anthology films give you the comfort of knowing that if you don't like one segment, another one will be following in just a few minutes. To be honest, the film does not exactly make a convincing case for the idea of Berlin as a hub of passion, or really for its existence as a movie. It's heartfelt and full of love stories we all wish would happen to us. : Fifteen Minutes With Paul Dooley on Popeye, The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. Helen Mirren! FAQ External Reviews tunefind Add to My Movies. I also liked “Embassy,” which may not be especially romantic in nature but which does a good job of packing an action-packed espionage saga into only a few minutes. A night of passion ensues. As can probably be determined by its title, Stephanie Martin and Claus Clausen’s “Me Three” tackles sexual harassment as a group of women (Emily Beecham, Veronica Ferres, Lili Gattyan and Phoebe Nichols) come together in a laundromat to discuss the various forms of abuse they have recently suffered at the hands of men and are then visited by the perfect embodiment of their rage, Dani Levi’s “Hidden” follows a refugee (Alexander Black) who is on the run from the police after being attacked by a group of punks and who takes refuge with a friendly prostitute (Carol Schuler). I haven't seen the Paris version so I can't comment on that.

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