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With data compiled from websites like,, and, here is a list of those top paying jobs along with salaries and job descriptions. (Median Salary: $57,000), Software sales representative. Most marketing managers have at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, but master's degrees are not uncommon in this field. Professional Blogger. The highest paying job on this list is Chief Marketing Officer, with a starting salary of $150,000, and the lowest is Production Assistant, with a starting salary of $34,000. A marketing manager makes between 190-195k Canadian dollars in a year. Top jobs in Marketing include: Communications Manager, SEO/SEM Manager and Head of Schools. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The job industry today has witnessed huge growth due to the various type of career options available. Based on Mondo's MarTech placements over the past year, the report identified the following 10 highest-paid digital marketing jobs for 2019, with salaries up to, or surpassing, $175,000… One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to “get people where they are”—and for many people, “where they are” is in their inboxes. Read more about earning a marketing degree. Typically, the director of digital marketing creates the overarching digital marketing strategy—which can include digital advertising campaigns, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and more—and then oversees a team of marketing managers to implement that strategy. Not only is an entry level marketing job high … In addition to being one of the highest paying digital marketing jobs in India, it is also a fast-paced one. When vying for a position in marketing there may be some competition because everyone wants one of these positions. According to Monster, marketing jobs are expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028 — a faster rate than average for all other jobs, and likely not stopping anytime soon. Browse 1109 GREATER SUDBURY, ONTARIO job listings from companies with openings that are hiring right now! (Median Salary: $131,000), Data scientist. Best Jobs for Marketing Majors . Average salary: $99,000 (US) / £50,000 (UK) / C$87,000 (Canada) A marketing manager’s role is pretty straightforward. Some of the highest-paying non-management jobs in marketing are predictable, like marketing specialist, while others, like management analyst, may come as a surprise. Check out the skills that companies are paying the big bucks for. Health and technology, at the forefront. (Median Salary: $134,000) Ecommerce Marketing Director. (Median Salary: $63,000), Account manager. This has led to many candidates around the world choose a preferable career to earn an independent livelihood. Top 10 High Paying Countries and Salaries for Digital Marketing Specialists. This power-packed training is great for Consultants, individuals searching for Franchise business Opportunities, Freshers, Business owners, Ecommerce companies, etc.. The overall responsibilities of a telemarketer are multidimensional. Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in Digital Marketing. All these responsibilities together make this job role one of the best in the sales and marketing sector. Marketing Manager is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. There is a chance of job growth for sales representatives in the coming years due to the arrival of new products in the market. This list will help you to identify some traditional and nontraditional options for … This year’s Top 10 includes familiar faces, mostly self-made tech genius.... With a fortune of $73.8 billion, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the richest woman in the world, up $14.8 billion from... Highest-Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs, 2020, RANKED: Highest-Paying Science Jobs For Financially Rewarding Career, 2020, Best Countries To Invest In Or Do Business, 2020, World’s Best Countries To Invest In Or Do Business, Ranked: Most Valuable U.S. Cities for Residential Real Estate, Business Dynasties: The 20 Richest Families In Asia, The world’s top 20 richest people control $1704.5 billion, Ranked: Richest Women In The World, 2020 (Billionaires), Top Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in Europe for 2021, Top Unique Wedding Venues in The United States, Best spots for scuba diving in the world, 2021, Top Destinations for International Students, 2021, 6 Games for The Perfect Bachelorette Party, Chief Marketing Officer. Alexandra Dimitropoulou is a VP and News Editor at CEOWORLD magazine, working to build and strengthen the brand’s popular, consumer-friendly content. Other than keeping a keen eye for marketing products ably, sales reps also take part in the various trade shows to determine changing customer needs. "The most lucrative entry and mid-level jobs are in finance, but roles in sales, marketing, and engineering also take spots on the list," the site reports. New York City and San Francisco top our list for the highest number of jobs in the U.S. “It’s all too easy in marketing to become a one-trick pony, forgetting that everything changes rapidly and dramatically.” But if you can learn and adapt, you’ll have a long, successful marketing career ahead of you. (Median Salary: $85,000), Business analyst. Content Marketing Director. According to the BLS, employment of healthcare occupations is projected to … While automation becomes increasingly common, myths and stereotypes about their interference in the workplace are giving rise to new realities about … Others are very creative in nature, such as copywriting, community management, and video ideation, he says. Average salary: $95,854Salary range: $56,000 - $139,000. They often oversee a team that writes, develops, and implements the communications strategy they’ve created (for example, they might manage PR or communications managers). In 2020, marketing coordinators who are experts in digital media have an edge when looking for work. High School Teacher See the Jobs Rated Ranking for Teacher Out of these 74K+ jobs, more than 28K are entry level marketing jobs. World’s Best Countries To Invest In Or Do Business. (Median Salary: $56,500), Public relations manager. Before we jump into the high-paying marketing roles you may want to explore, let’s quickly touch on what we consider “high-paying.”. Marketing is one of the most diverse career paths you can pursue. Real estate agent: The work of a real estate agent is not limited to selling or renting properties. We hope you enjoy this guide to the Five Highest Paying Jobs in the Financial Industry. Brand Manager. Also, Glassdoor has 941 entry level marketing coordinator open jobs with an average salary between $17K and $100K. Selling telecommunications products such as network or security services to large corporations is a high-paying sales job you can work your way up to. The role of a Business Development Manager falls under the category of one of the highest paying and best work from home jobs. As the name suggests, content marketing directors are responsible for all things content: heading up content strategy, content development, content scheduling, and content marketing, as well as managing content creators. A senior director is typically someone who works just under a vice president. How much is a doctor salary in South Africa The average salary of a doctor in South Africa is R437,527 p/a … Search 11,677 Marketing, Media & Design jobs at Ladders. All these together make the job one of the best in the sales and marketing arena. The data shows some independent professionals are earning more than $250 an hour for work in categories spanning nearly every industry, including legal, tech and marketing. Sales Representative: Unlike sales managers, sales representatives specialize in selling products and services to other organizations directly. Put yourself on the right track with one of the 11 highest-paying jobs straight out of college: 11. 7 – 15 LPA, with the highest salaries going as high as Rs. No matter what kind of background, skills, or strengths you bring to the table, chances are there’s a marketing role out there that would be the right fit. UX designers are in high demand—87 percent of hiring managers consider recruiting more UX designers to be their number-one priority. “Today there are so many disciplines that fall under the general umbrella of marketing, and it’s only getting more and more diverse,” says Itai Elizur, growth marketer and COO of content marketing agency InboundJunction. A company’s “brand” is the way it’s perceived in the market. Quickly find and apply for your next job opportunity on Workopolis. While a bachelor’s degree is helpful to get your foot in the door, if you can show that you’re able to produce results, it’s not required. 20 – 40 LPA. The chart and list below show the median income, projected job growth, and a brief description with job requirements. These professionals associate with the marketing department to monitor and identify new customers’ trends. In addition to running the company’s website, CEOWORLD magazine, which aims to help CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other C-level executives get smarter about how they earn, save and spend their money, she also sits on the Board of Directors of the Global Business Policy Institute. In order to develop a sound marketing strategy, marketers need to have a clear understanding of their market and customers—and that’s where the marketing research director comes in. UX design. “But I think the best marketers are those who know how to balance the science with the art. While much of the role is creative, brand marketing managers also analyze the success of different initiatives and look for ways to optimize future efforts, so analytical skills are a must as well. As the insurance sector is a highly regulated field all the agents working for it shall possess a license. Email Marketer. The most prominent countries in the online sphere typically offer the highest salaries for Digital Marketing Specialists. In sheer volume, New York wins over San Francisco in a landslide, with more than 2x more jobs listings than San Francisco has. Sales Manager: Sales managers are the ones who direct the companies product distribution to the customers. Average salary: $95,854. Social Media Marketer. 11 High-Paying Marketing Jobs Open Now. Corporate communications directors are in charge of crafting a company’s messaging and overseeing delivery of that messaging via press releases, corporate speeches and presentations, internal communications, media responses, and more. (Median Salary: $50,000), Real estate agent. Depending on your specialty, location, and experience, many marketing jobs pay handsomely — a figure that only increases as you climb your way up the ladder. Health and technology, at the forefront. 1 Brand Director(14,600 TRY) 2 Chief Marketing Officer(14,000 TRY) 3 Brand Manager(13,400 TRY) 4 Marketing Manager(12,800 TRY) 5 Chief Product Officer(12,600 TRY) 6 Search Marketing Strategist(11,400 TRY) 7 Market Development Manager(11,100 TRY) 8 Product Manager(10,800 TRY) 9 Digital Marketing Manager(10,700 TRY) Highest Paying: Marketing is one of the most diverse career paths you can pursue. Apple has several areas of business, all of which must employ senior directors to keep everything on track. This is one of the highest-paying jobs someone can land at the company. 14 Well-Paying Jobs for Journalism Majors November 23, 2020 If you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism, your job options range from traditional print, radio and television media jobs to alternatives in digital media, marketing, communications and more. We compiled a list of the 20 highest-paying skills for U.S. freelancers out of more than 5,000 on our site. The high earnings, ability to move up to higher ranking positions, and the excitement of the career make this one of the top job choices. Marketing research directors typically work with a number of different teams and departments across the organization and are continually sharing insights, making recommendations, and developing guidelines to optimize marketing efforts and ensure the overall marketing strategy is headed in the right direction. Alexandra Dimitropoulou Stats Gate June 21, 2020. The top 10 highest-paying jobs were all various medical and dental occupations. He is responsible for enhancing the brand value of his company. They oversee the brand strategy, ensuring that the products, marketing campaigns, events, and any other initiatives that they manage are in line with the way the business wants to be perceived—and received—by their target demographic. Although it is possible to sell or buy a home without any additional help, real estate agents make the job a lot easier. Email marketing directors generally have significant experience in email marketing (seven to ten years) and additional experience in design, marketing analytics, and/or content development. The mobile marketing specialist job involves promoting goods, services, and brands on mobile digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and cell phones. Among the various type of job options available, Sales and marketing top the list as the most demanded career of today. #9 in Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree A career in sound engineering can take you to a diversity of places, from theater performances and sporting events to concerts and TV or movie sets. The 25 highest-paying freelance jobs in 2020 where you can earn $90,000 or more range from contract law and data visualization analyst to digital marketing consultant, according to Upwork. Marketing and promotional campaigns are essential to every company, regardless of industry, as organizations seek to grow and maintain their market share. Marketing research directors typically oversee a market research team in its efforts to analyze the company’s industry, competitors, and customers. 11 High-Paying Marketing Jobs Open Now. Generally, demand generation managers have significant experience in a variety of marketing roles and feel comfortable wearing different hats and moving between platforms and strategies. October 4, 2017 Posted by Emily Moore. (Median Salary: $342,000) Marketing Director. 1. Total value of jobs… Chief Marketing Officer. Search Expert. Retail workers receive on the job training by employers. Top 10 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs In India Marketing jobs are very tough to do but if you have it in you, the determination and sheer talent coupled with people’s skills can get you the most sought after marketing position in the industry. World’s Most Trendiest Countries. Average salary: $73,357Salary range: $49,000 - $107,000. The key to landing (and keeping) one of these lucrative roles is to maintain a student mentality and commit to learning and professional growth—no matter how long you’ve been in the marketing game. Quick summary: Design and implement automated digital marketing systems. While other fields might have high-earning entry-level positions like engineering or healthcare, marketing earning … Highest Paying Jobs In Marketing. Read on for the highest and lowest-paying creative jobs in Canada. (Median Salary: $49,000), Advertising sales agent. Management Jobs in Marketing (Median Salary: $134,000), Ecommerce Marketing Director.

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