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information security awareness quiz questions and answers

Information Security Awareness Assessment Quiz for Employees. Flashcards. Q1: Which of the following three is the strongest password? A big thank you to the following people for contributing: Blogger | #Infosec | #AppSec | Security awareness | Occasional Public Speaker | Cycling | Running | Enjoying life, Only when there's proof or suspicion of compromise, Change the password of my account for that website, Change the password for my account for that website and of all other websites where I use that same password, One backup on an external harddisk and another one on a cloud backup, 2 backups on 2 different external harddisks, I can be sure that this is a legit, non-malicious site, The traffic between my computer (browser) and the server that runs the website is secured. 1. We have more general knowledge quiz questions and answers for you by category so you can test yourself at home Explore hundreds of insightful Security Awareness questions and answers (Q&A). A password should be at least 8 characters long and includes special characters, numbers, a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and doesn't not contain a dictionary word or phrase. Your answers will help us improve this course and make it more interesting and more effective. Reusing the same password across multiple sites is a good idea. When I lose it all my information and apps are accessible by the finder. 13. Q33: Imagine you find a USB device in the hallway at work. At the end of the day, information assets are stored on physical media such as hard disks, flash drives or simply papers. Pick it up and plug it in to see what’s on the USB device. Inofmration security training for employees, “It Wasn’t Me” – Dubai Getting Creative on Banking Fraud Awareness, Meet PhishMark: Phishing Training & Awareness Solution from CIATEC, Find interesting answers to your puzzling Security Awareness questions. The following security awareness assessment quiz is a beginner-level, 10 questions quiz that can determine, for a certain extent, whether an employee is a security asset or a vulnerability that needs to be remediated. Quiz #25: Security Quiz #26: Storage Smarts Quiz #27: Security Awareness for End-users (you're on this quiz now) ANSWER KEY: 1b - 2c - 3a - 4e - 5e - 6d - 7e - 8c - 9d - 10b. The goal of this quiz is to challenge how cyber-savvy are you about the usual treats and risks then provide some knowledge sharing about each situations. Q14: Is it useful to run antivirus software on an Android phone? We highly recommend that you get involved in an information security awareness program that will help you recognize cyber security threat when you see one. This is... Q39: Which of the following thigns help to decided whether an online shopping website is trustworthy? Ans: Information Security Education and Awareness. Cyber Security Quiz Questions and Answers. Do they all have the same security awareness level? STUDY. When I use incognito or private mode in a browser... Q13: Your business email account has been compromised and leaked in a data breach. Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. Am I expecting anything? DHA-US438. Q10: Is it generally considered safe to use Starbucks Public Wi-Fi network for performing an online banking operation? Many employers can ask candidates about their awareness of security issues. Q31: Which month is considered or recognized as Cyber Security Month? X has been defined as “any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interests.”. What's the best thing to do? Key Concepts: Terms in this set (24) What is the standard form of identification for DoD employees?-Common Access Card-Real ID-State Issue Driver's License-Common Access Credential. Q15: Which of the following are considered personal data under GDPR (more than 1 answer possible)? But, hackers will never curtail their activities, so stay aware of security news and trends. Q19: You receive an email from '[email protected]' that urges you to reset your Hyundai password. What should you do? Basically, it is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Why or why not? BuhayNiKamatayan. 11. Objective We'll never spam you, promise, This #cybersecurity month #BeCyberSmart and make sure your employees are. An example of tailgating is when one person tags along with an authorized employee to access a building or pass a certain checkpoint. Answer- IRC. Identify this logo. No, because even when you get your files back criminals might attack you later again because they are still active on your network. Start studying Information Security Awareness. Here's a first selection of questions by Ashar and me as an example. Challenge them! Love Security - Love Your Data Quiz. If you want to contribute either contact Ashar or me or leave a reply in the comments of this post. This year TRU modified the icons and answer information from the government website found at the following link to develop a paper based quiz. Spear phishing is a unique form of phishing in which the message is made to look as if it came from someone you know and trust as opposed to an informal third party. Q32: The person who performs a social engineering attack is known as? Take the fun interactive Information Security Awareness Quiz for Employees – FREE 20 Questions. Q41: I don’t use a PIN on my smartphone but keep it with me. Interactive quizzes . You can refer to the Answers Section to check your answers. Q17: You receive an email with subject: "$5 million donation from Bill Gates" and in the email they ask you to provide your telephone number and full postal address to claim the money. Awareness Raising Quiz Templates Quiz Templates 7 Introduction Scope The purpose of this document is to provide information security awareness raising content in the form of a number of quiz templates. Interview level 1 (Tech) 4. There is no secrecy within security vendors and all information is shared. Yes, because you can be sure you will regain access to your files. Spear phishing works better than phishing because it uses information that it can find about you from email databases, friends’ lists, and the like. Information Security Quiz. Security Awareness Training Chapter Exam Instructions. Yes, because you don't have to care about backups yourself. Maybe you can identify the owner. Q37: If you receive the following email, is it a good idea to proceed to get help from CBD? Leave it in the hallway or bring it to the reception desk, such that the person who lost it can get it back. Q20: Is the following statement true or false? Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates! Resume shortlisting 2. What could go wrong? Note: The name of the contributors will be added to the reference section in this post. Basic HR questions 3. This ensures that the resume is updated, the person is looking for a change and sometimes a basic set of questions about your experience and reason for change. Dog Days of Summer Quiz. Q4: Is it considered safe to use the same complex password on all websites? A phishing attack may download a worm or other form of malware that can easily spread over the network and cause harm to all computers, servers and network peripherals. -Mobile code All https sites are legitimate and there is no risk to entering your personal info online. d) Physical security e) Data Confidentiality f) Password & password complexity Ideally provide me with the answers as well. Information security is everyone's responsibility. Security awareness is urgently needed. Safe Social Media Quiz. Q34: Which URL(s) bring(s) you to Google’s Home Page? Select all applicable answers. Phishing is a form of social engineering. That is why you should always use long and complex passwords that will take ages to guess. Cyber Security Awareness Quiz - 2013. ... Students will also win a small prize for each question they answer. Your score indicates that you have a very good sense of security when it comes to cyber threats in the subject domains. All Rights Reserved © 2020 CIATEC Ltd. - R.C. Similar information security trainings and phishing simulations, along with comprehensive information security awareness material are all part of CIATEC’s information security awareness program. Ans retain so as not to inf ... satisfied customers complimenting Information Security management on the awareness quiz and its usefulness." The idea is to make this a community effort and make these questions available for everyone. Test. Choose the best answer. There's no context or previous contact with the sender, The email contains a sense of urgency to get a particular action done, Don’t proceed by clicking on the link in SMS. Q12: Which of the following statements are correct? Q3: How often should I change a password? Ans: Trojan.Skelky These questions are not intended for security professionals but for the average computer user. To help you in your efforts to raise security awareness in your organization, we've created the following quiz. 2016. In information security, tailgating is a social engineering technique used by hackers to deceive organization's officials through direct speech or actions in order to gain access into restricted areas. New Year's Edition. A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge A computer program that replicates itself when a host program or disk is run. Canada's Security Scene. The first step in building a security awareness program is to establish baseline by doing some assessment quizes, phishing campaign and some other methods to check employees awareness level and start building the awareness program accordingly.. Fun with Passwords. You received an email from your company’s CEO and they want you to immediately transfer a few millions to a bank account provided in the email. We hope together with you we can make this a great resource that can be used by many people and will help to spread security awareness. Will you execute the transaction? You have a good sense of security, you are an asset! Others that use my device can't see which sites I visited, Inform the security team of your organization, Change the Password on all sites where you use the same password, It depends, only if you download apps from outside of Google's official app store, Only if I recognize that the phone number is from my bank, Reply with my phone number and postal address, I want the 5 million dollars, Forward the email to friends, because sharing is caring, Follow the pop-up instructions to get the free access, Immediately close the pop-up and don’t proceed, Change my password immediately as per the instructions given in the email, Report it to the phishing reporting mailbox of your government, Think first. PLAY. You can learn about the different types of phishing here. You can also ask a question in case you don’t find one in our library of Security Awareness answers. The target audience of this document are or-ganizations wishing to raise information security awareness among their target groups. Security Awareness. As bad actors continue to evolve it is important to invest in expensive security products. Q38: You receive the following invite to take a quiz. Visit, The latest revisions of #ISO20000 standards: Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our Information Security Q&A library. Q27: Imagine you work for the finance department of a company. Let us know how you did and suggest a topic for a future quiz! The first step in the information security awareness ladder is to make sure that the average employee is able to identify threats and then report it to the right party. The answers to these questions can be found here. Security products and threat intelligence services that can act together in real time stand the best chance of stopping these attacks. To remember your passwords, you can fix a part of the password and make the second part variable and linked some how to the service used. The first step in building a security awareness program is to establish baseline by doing some assessment quizes, phishing campaign and some other methods to check employees awareness level and start building the awareness program accordingly. Personal identifiable information are "Personal" and should only be shared on need-to-know basis. Learn. question and an answer. The test questions in this course were difficult. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Q21: Is it considered a good security practice to leave your machine unlocked when you leave your desk? September ; October; November ; December ; Q32: The person who performs a social engineering attack is known as? Top Ten Scams Quiz. Does this mean you can trust that this email is legitimate? The good news is that we are here to help. An Information Engineer; A Social Engineer; A Social Media Activist ; Q33: Imagine you find a USB device in the hallway at work. Padriñán from Pexels. We'll update this post regularly. Phishing is a so called "spray and pray" technique in which an attacker sends out the same email to hundreds of potential targets in the hope they will fall victim. Internet of Things. Great Security Awareness Interview Questions. You should: Q31: Which month is considered or recognized as Cyber Security Month? No one, even my Internet Service Provider doesn't know which site I visit. Ashar Javed had an interesting idea to create security awareness quiz questions and asked me if I wanted to cooperate. The call will also ensure that whether your resume has been sent for the next level review. What's the most secure action? Q16: If you receive a call from someone that says to be a clerk from your bank, is it ok to give your bank account details over the phone? When I leave my phone unattended, miscreants can gain access to all my online accounts using my email address. Security Awareness Training Report: $10 Billion Market Size by 2021; ... Cybersecurity Pop Quiz: 24 Questions For Home Office Workers. -Federal Information Systems Security Educator 's … Q22: If you receive an unexpected phone call from Microsoft technical support, should you? Previous article SD-WAN Quiz Answers NSE 2 Information Security Awareness Fortinet Next article Threat Information Services Quiz Answers NSE 2 Information Security Awareness … Q11: Is it secure to enter your private information (e.g., data of birth, identification number etc.) Q29: Which of the following statements about a phishing email are true? Mar 14, 2018. read more No, because you have no guarantee that you will regain access to your files. on a site that starts with "http://"? But what about your colleagues? What can you do if you fall victim to identity theft? You don't want all your accounts to be comprised just because one account is hacked. The email comes out of the blue. ... Cybercrime Magazine has published a free Cybersecurity Pop Quiz with 24 multiple choice questions — including an answer key — available to all businesses and employees in the U.S. Q9: You open a website and it has a padlock in the browser bar (the lock icon in front of the URL). Q36: You receive the following email which contains "This message was sent from a trusted sender" in the body. Q25: Is the following statement true or false. Interview level 2 (Tech + Attitude) Once the resume gets shortlisted, this gets followed by the basic HR call. We can help you with that. Q2: Which of the following is a weak password? Why is backing up data files important? ActiveX is a type of this? Information Security Awareness Training Quiz Questions Information Security Awareness Training Quiz Questions Download Free | Book ID : yYHll2tFAMPc Other Files Hdev 3rd EditionPre Assessment Flowers For Algernon Unit PlanCleaning Service Accounting AnswerHeritage Softail Q26: Which of the following statements are correct? This article will provide you with all the questions and answers for Cyber Awareness Challenge. This will make it hard to guess by hacking scripts. Information Security Quizzes . In order to expedite it you need to? Use a separate password for each account. Threat avoidance and management are not the main responsibility of an average employee. Which statements are true? Pick it up, don't plug it in but inform your IT department because this could be a USB device containing malware to infect your company's systems. What's the best action? Q8: Which of the following is the most secure backup strategy of the following ? Q6: What are the characteristics of a strong password? Q35: Which of the following URLs could NOT be used in a so called 'Typosquatting Attack'? However, it is worth mentioning that there is no way to cover all information security domains in such a short quiz. It's very convenient after all. Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017. Q23: If you receive a suspicious email, should you? What is the best course of action(s)? Breaches Everywhere Quiz. Living Mobile Quiz. 14._____ is a trojan horse that allows an attacker to log in as any user on the compromised computer without the correct password. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Q42: Is it a good idea to pay criminals that encrypted the files on your computer by deploying so called ransomware? Write. Interested in our information security awareness services? Your score is low. Q24: You’re being texted that your parcel delivery will be delayed. November Defensible Security Quiz. Gravity. Spring Cleaning Quiz. No one can see the websites I visited, even not my Internet Service Provider. If not report and delete the sms. What's the best thing to do? Share this quiz online with your co-workers. Risk-e-Business Quiz. Q40: For online shopping it's best to use...? Q30: You receive a SMS from a supplier/vendor who asks you to click on a link to renew your contract. How to take the quiz: - After reading the question, click on the answer that you think iscorrect to go to the definition. You can check program packages here. -FALSE Bob, a coworker, has been going through a divorce, has 2013 Cyber Security Awareness Day. You may also want to review the explanation for each answers. #ISO20K #ITSM #ITIL. : 14683534, Information Security Awareness Assessment Quiz for Employees, Photo by Miguel Á. Because operating system updates are time consuming and may need to restart the machine it's a good idea to postpone them as long as possible. Take the multiple choice quiz. There are 10 questions for this security awareness quiz. (You can retake the quiz as many times and learn from these questions and answers.) Time for your virtual pub quiz! When the first Cyber Security Awareness Month was observed in October of 2004, there was no Instagram, no iPhone, no Alexa. Q28: If you suddenly see the following page in the browser, is it a good idea to claim your present? Match. There are plenty of opportunities for information security training if you're willing to dedicate time and money to the task. Cyber Security Quiz 2. Physical security controls are at the heart of any information security program. You decide to take the quiz to receive the free glasses. When my phone gets stolen the thieves can access all my information and apps. A brute-force attack works by repeatedly trying to guess your password until it is cracked. Keep all your personal identifiable information (PII) to yourself and do NOT share it with any untrusted party. What is X? Spell. Browse from thousands of Information Security questions and answers (Q&A). Q5: What should I do after I learn about a data breach of a website? This is a bad idea, this is a scam to steal my personal data, The address of the website starts with 'https://', There's a seal on the website that says '100% secure', Do a bit of research to see whether the site has a good reputation, Read on the website and look for positive reviews of other customers. To see all the quiz questions and their correct answers, please click here. I will only execute the transaction after I got confirmation from the CEO through another channel. Your score indicates that you have a sense of security when it comes to cyber threats, but there room for some improvement. Security Awareness Quiz Questions Category Question Answer General Security 1. Information Security Quiz Questions and Answers InfoSec April 19th, 2019 - Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017 13 Identify this logo Ans Information Security Education and Awareness Information Security Quiz 14 is a trojan horse that allows an attacker to log in Created by. Q7: If you want to share a password with someone, what's the best option? Test Questions quest any other co They shoul the subject material. Strongly Disagree Backups ensure that the information you need is there when you need it If the information is damaged it can be recovered The business continues to operate General Security 2. You are a cyber security expert! Q18: You're browsing and on a random site a pop-up to get free access to Netflix appears.

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