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creative aurvana live headphones review

series and the first pair of Creative headphones I have reviewed. Comfort is above average! The ear cups are easy to rotate, and articulate nicely to help you dial in the fit. 5.0 out of 5 stars Repeat Customer for the Wonderful, and Sturdy, Creative Aurvana Live Headphones. The cutting edge bio-cellulose driver technology and acoustic tuning deliver accurate, high-definition audio. Midrange is a bit recessed and appears behind the rest, but not dramatically so. Thank you! headphones are towards the top of this range which provide a good solution for all-purpose listening at a relatively affordable cost. is perfect for music on the move or enjoying your entertainment at home. They don’t feel thin but they don’t feel high-grade. The problem lies in the headband; after awhile you’ll start to feel it digging into the top of your skull piece. They are one of the best-sounding budget-priced headphones I’ve heard. The extension cable is nice for those of you listening on a desktop computer or audio gear that’s not right in front of you, and it takes the 4 foot cable out to 9 feet. Creative's Aurvana Live!2 is a no-frills pair of over-ear headphones that offers rich bass response and a comfortable fit. The mid range is surprisingly natural and pleasant, and highs are just a little bit prickly. My boy Metal571 in hisCreative Aurvana Live Review described it as something “you get used to” and that isn’t too far off. It comes with a surprisingly complete number of extra goodies in the box. high definition headphones by Creative had some fairly steep expectations when it comes to performance audio. It’s still somewhat airy, though not exactly sparkling. Superlux HD681 EVO: the HD681 EVO are more L-shaped than V-shaped, so they appear darker than the Aurvana SE. headphones sit comfortably towards the top of the range of units you'll find in many standard stores, although they in no way compare to some higher end products from companies like Beyer, Sennheiser or Shure. is the fact that the former are certified for Creative’s SX-Fi tech. The Aurvana Live! If you’re in an office, a home, or a coffee shop, it’ll work fine. A lot of people won’t like this since they’ll never look totally new once you unpack them… but I think I can live with this. Music files were mainly FLACs in standard resolution (16 bit, 44.1 kHz). The plastics used are okay, but nothing special. I have seen reports of people having issues with the ear cups snapping off the forks, but they seem pretty uncommon and in all cases it was after heavy use. Headphones. The Creative Aurvana Platinum Wireless are sturdy headphones with capable noise isolation. looks like it’ll feel really cheap…and yet it doesn’t! (CAL! The earcups are made of plastic, with the frame being matte and the external part (what we might call the faceplate) being shiny. This round we are focusing on their Aurvana SE over-ear headphones. Other than the lack of excellent imaging and crisp and well extended highs they are an amazing headphone. It is tuned to a V shape, with more emphasis on the lower and upper parts than on the middle one. They sell the headphones on their website. There are a few minor issues, but nothing that should dissuade new listeners from giving these cans a go. Noise reduction is claimed to have improved from 85 per cent to 90 per cent, with sensitivity increased from 17dB t… Quad microphones replace the dual arrangement so, logically, more sound should be blocked out. Would I like it more if these had a removable cable? Aurvana Live! By using the SXFI 'magic', Creative aims to rid headphones of that 'stuck in your head sound' and recreate the listening experience akin to using speak… The Creative Aurvana Live! Out of the box: Shanling UP2 & xDuoo XD-10 Poke, Best earphones, headphones, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs. What I like the most about bass is that it’s punchy, lively and fun, hitting with enough strength and speed to make you feel it. The Good The Aurvana Live headphones offer a comfortable design with little to no sound leakage. These headphones actually come with the Super X-Fi Amp–at least for the early adopters (buyers), until they run out of stock. I decided to post this as I only see 11 reviews for this forgooten beauty where Value and Performance meets. If you’re next to something louder, you might be disappointed. It’s also peculiar that both headphones offer the same amount of isolation – that is to say, almost none. While their price tag (MSRP $99.99) isn’t that big, their performance certainly gives potential buyers something to think about, as these are solid performers. As comfort is strictly personal, though, take these comments just as a general indication, rather than an objective measurement.   The headband is decently comfortable, though it’s the weaker link in the chain to me: my sensitive scalp would have liked it to be a bit larger and more padded. They seem to be a custom variation of their Aurvana Live! I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011. The padding of the earcups is covered with the same faux leather. The Aurvana SE are fairly easy to drive though, and any source I could plug them in would drive them well. Several other companies have made variants of these over the years, but they all use the same basic drivers and design…just with different style touches and tweaks layered on top. 3.75 out of 5 2009-09-01 The Aurvana SE comes in a plain black cardboard box without anything else – just the headphones. It has some depth though, which is positive. headphones , including an all-black (logo as well) design, and of course, Super X-Fi certified. That’s certainly something! They are easy to pair wirelessly and offer decent isolation but drastically skew the audio profile by overamplifying the bass. is being touted as a more stylish, higher-performance complement to either the ubiquitous iPod or Creative's own ZEN, which is what I used for most of my portable testing for this review. Despite it being relatively quiet, I could hear everything around me, from the sounds of the train moving to the people talking. Build quality is generally good, with plastic feeling strong enough to resist daily use. I should have probably done this years ago. In fact, I was rather keen to get one during the recent PC Show due to its attractive show-price. So here’s a couple of headphones I have that I can compare these to: At the price point they’re sold at (especially in Europe! The wooden versions seem to isolate slightly better in certain measurements I’ve seen around online, but are still on the lower side of average. I currently don’t have many headphones that I can compare the Aurvana SE to, mainly due to price constraints. It definitely does not come off as cheap, but neither as premium. Creative Aurvana Live! Design and Features The one big letdown here, depending on your tastes, is soundstage. is an affordably-priced, wonderful-sounding, comfy, decently-built pair of headphones with an exclamation mark in their name. headphones review For the price the headphones offer a good mellow and well-balanced sound. They achieve their surprising sound quality using Bio Cellulose drivers which are easy to drive with just about any gear. The large dynamic driver is good at adding some kick to the bass: it feels physical and powerful, more than the small size of the headphones as a whole would make one think. UPDATE(12/15/17): Well. Its latest flagship Platinum model brings changes to its predecessor – the Aurvana Gold model (£180) – that go beyond bigger 50mm drivers and a new tan and silver finish. They’re in fact not ideal to use in loud environments as they offer just basic isolation. It’s a decently soft cloth and should protect the headphones from other things in your bag, but not from drops. Conclusion: At $60 the Aurvana Live! Their bass is less aggressive and warm than the Koss Porta Pros, while still being present, and their highs are a little easier to listen to in long sessions than the detailed RIG 400’s. Lightweight in design and ergonomically fitting, Aurvana Live! Noise-cancelling circuitry has had a revamp. The Aurvana Live! Creative includes an extension cable, a 6.3mm adapter, and a carrying bag in the box. Product Packaging: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase. Bass is more emphasised and impactful, but also less controlled and detailed; midrange is a bit more recessed and less bright, so it appears less vivid and more distant; treble is more emphasised on the Aurvana SE and appears more detailed there, with the HD681 also having less extension. All in all they’re quite good anyway and I have no issues wearing them for four straight hours. The Aurvana Live! The headband is very thin and light, and padded just the right amount to not create any discomfort. They started life as the Fostex/Foster 443701, which is either the coolest or most generic headphone name in the world. The Creative Aurvana Gold Wireless are solidly built but uncomfortable headphones, and have a focus on features rather than on audio reproduction. Lows are deep enough, though they’re concentrated in the middle. These feel much better built than the XPT 100’s and CB-1’s I checked out recently. looks like it’ll feel really cheap…and yet it doesn’t! It’s a slight disco… Armed with enough features to … That means that one can use the Creative SXFi AMP or another SX-Fi-enabled source device with custom presets that take the frequency response into account and therefore offer a better effect. I don’t need to buy either wooden-cupped version of these. That material and the gloss plastic on the backs of the cups both attract fingerprints very easily. All in all it’s a fun-orientated tuning which is especially god for modern music genres (I especially like it with electronic music). Soundphile Review: headphones reviews, earphones reviews, IEMs reviews, speakers reviews, Bluetooth speakers reviews - and more. Being made by Foster/Fostex, the Creative Aurvana SE (and the Aurvana Live!, too) share many design cues with headphones from that manufacturer: in fact they appear as a smaller version of headphones such as the TH-900 or the Denon AH-A100. The Aurvana Live! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Treble often comes out on top, clearly audible in the mix. which is certified for SX-Fi – no other differences between the two exist. I’ve never had this particular thing happen to me before! When I’ve heard that Creative released the Aurvana Live 2, I was very curious and enthusiast as I think that the Aurvana Live 1 is absolutely excellent for it’s price and it’s my first recommendation I give my friends to enter this hobby. The Creative Aurvana SE are actually more than decently comfortable to me, which means that they should be really comfortable to anyone else. Disclaimer: I got this unit for free from Creative. It has an inline … If you want a great cheap entry into what high-end headphone sound is all about, you’d be hard pressed to do better than this. On most of the headphones I’ve used, the plug end seems to be one piece of molded rubber or plastic that’s connected to the metal 3.5mm plug. At this price point the Aurvana Live! Detail is more than enough and it actually delivers a lot of fine details that make treble come alive. reminds me a lot of the original Bose Tri-Port headphones. Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather. It’s the easiest version of these headphones to find. Meet the Aurvana Live!, entry-level over-ear headphones from Creative. Unfortunately, audio reproduction is unbalanced and exceedingly bass heavy. The Aurvana Live! These are less fatiguing than something like the Sony MDR-7506 on the high end…but still much more detailed than most bass-focused consumer headphones, and honestly much more detailed than I was expecting for the price. But now I really want to! And after about two weeks of gentle use, the plug came apart right in my hand. I found myself with some spare cash, and was after some new headphones after selling my Denon D2000, and thought it would be fun to try the CALs, since they are a reincarnation of the Denon D1000. These just barely fit all the way over my slightly bigger-than-average ears, to the point where I’d consider them “over- ear” by a hair. The housing of the 3.5 mm jack is made of plastic and has some rubbery strain relief, just as the junction with the earcups. They compromise on things like materials, which are not premium, but they sound really well. It does have issues in the soundstage and isolation departments, and those of you that don’t like the feel of things touching your ears might loathe the “just big enough” ear pads…but man. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 Soundphile Review It is custom-tuned and Super X-Fi certified for complementing Creative’s SX-Fi Amp for a more enhanced Super X-Fi experience. So. I’m not sure how common this sort of assembly is. It is designed well and sounds great. But here, the rubber part is actually two parts glued together. They’re not too fuzzy on amplification. They don’t look silly on the head at all, and are in fact rather discreet…save for the shiny chrome material around the ear cups. Either way, they’re remarkable by any standard. There are lots of details, down to some smaller ones, though the finest details are left out. The E-mu Walnut and E-mu Purpleheart are also designed by Creative, and are wooden-cupped variants of this pair of headphones with a small increase in bass response… and higher prices. The comfy and light fit of the Aurvana Live! Without so much as a pop or a crinkle. Sound quality is very good with a pronounced low-end, and Creative includes useful extras such as … headphones are actually a re-branded OEM headphone that’s been around for a long time. for short) has a strong reputation for being an excellent choice for beginning headphone hobbyists and an amazingly good sounding headphone for under $100. It’s been a year since we started following Creative’s Super X-Fi Headphone Holography (SXFI),so if you’ve been reading our coverage you’ll know that the technology combines hardware and software to take the shape and structure of your ear into account when directing audio to you, thus affecting the perceived soundstage you feel when listening to any track. These will work just fine for just about any audio application. The Good The Creative Aurvana Live 2 is a very comfortable and affordable over-the-ear headphone that sounds great for the money. Creative’s model goes for around $60 most of the time, with an MSRP of $99. But I admire the old-school “audio first” mentality on display here. The top of the headband is covered in faux leather and has a bit of padding. This pair of headphones is the successor to the award winning Creative Aurvana Live pair of headphones. It’s also fast, with rapid transients that help convey the aforementioned physicality. The Creative Aurvana SE are among them and they’re closely related to the well-known E-MU Purplehearts and to the Aurvana Live!. The amount of sound quality you get here for the price is truly special and rare, even in today’s crowded market. I wouldn’t throw this pair at things or step on them, but I have no fear about putting them in my bag and hauling them around. The center image sits pretty directly in the middle of your head, and the side image is only a little outside your ears. Creative had introduced the Aurvana Live! I mostly tried the Creative Aurvana SE while away from home, so I used a Shanling M2X as the main source and my laptop with a Creative SXFi AMP connected to it. Find Me: Medium, Twitter,, “You Are A Prince to Us”: Recognizing Girl 6, Spike Lee and Prince’s Soundtrack, ‘Soul Limbo’: How Booker T And The MGs Set The Bar For 60s Funk’n’Soul, “Yesterday”: Noname’s Telefone is the Search For Our Soul. Summarising, the Aurvana Live is tonally balance and can still be a good choice for heavy-rock/metal if you can compromise the extreme low that you want. I still like these, just wanted to mention it. The bass is well-extended, and pretty darn creamy. piano, male voices) and in the upper range (e.g. If you’re used to larger closed-back pairs, or open-backed pairs…you’ll immediately notice the relative lack of soundstage here, but the rest of the sound is pretty darn amazing for my tastes. 2 headphones, and we must say they didn’t disappoint. This causes the cable to be a bit stiff as it won’t bend sideways, but it’s otherwise decently soft and lightweight. These also don’t have the in-line remote and mic that many portable headphones at this price point now include for phone use. Please note that you should write in English, and comments in other languages will be deleted. Bass is strong and punchy, while treble is definitely crisp. I wouldn’t call them a “flagship killer”, given how little that means, but they’re headphones that sound much much better than one would legitimately expect from a product priced at less then $100. You might not care about this, but the feel of the adjustments is the very first thing I check on every single pair of headphones. 2 is the second incarnation of the Aurvana Live! The leatherette helps it to beat certain cloth-covered models I’ve used recently like the RIG 400, but isolation is not at all its strong suit. The Creative Aurvana Live! In fact, I’m wondering if Bose borrowed some of the design hallmarks of that pair from these. Other than a slight lack of air the test track sounded really nice from the Aurvana Live. Creative Aurvana SE Review. They also leak a lot of sound and may distract the people around you at high volumes. I find the clamp force to be very good, as I’m not wanting to really take them off of my ears. On closer examination, it looks like the glue in my unit was haphazardly applied and pretty dried out. headphones are very popular, and they have an exclamation mark at the end of their name. The prickly highs and solid mids help keep this pair from descending into a slightly-muddled pile of smooth bass. Because I’m weird. Everything is coloured in black. There’s better stuff out there of course…but you’ll have to pay much more for it. The original Creative Aurvana Live! They’re undoubtedly fun, thanks to well-executed added emphasis to bass and treble, and they pair that with more-than-decent technical ability. That’s uh. They have the right level of oomph, vocals sound natural, and highs ring out without destroying my ears. There’s a lot to like here beyond that delightful exclamation mark. The Creative Aurvana SE use a single 40 mm dynamic driver with neodymium magnets. Creative’s Aurvana Live! Creative’s Aurvana Live! These sound rather close to your head, and intimate. The main (and probably only) difference between the Aurvana SE and the Aurvana Live! The Aurvana Live! trumpets, violins) to stand out from the rest. I don’t think it’s a common problem and I still recommend this headphone, but I’ve added a note and a photo to build quality below! I was worried that the ear pad openings would be too small for me to comfortably use, but fortunately those fears were unfounded. But it’s not a deal breaker at this price point. Apparently the plug on these headphones is a two-piece affair that’s held together with glue. Just to add a few words to what has already been said in the other good reviews. The Aurvana SE is in fact just a black-coloured Aurvana Live! which is certified for SX-Fi – no other differences between the two exist. The Aurvana SE are unremarkable to say the least in terms of isolation. Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2015. is an amazing headphone. ), the Creative Aurvana SE are just incredible. But it’s not something you can talk yourself out of either. The Creative Aurvana Live headphones slot into the range alongside the Aurvana DJs and the Aurvana X-Fi. Headphones derived their drivers from Denon’s D1000 series, but at a much lower price, making them a budget-friendly offering for budding audiophiles. Hey there! I also have two extra clicks of adjustment on each side of the headband (it goes out ten total clicks), which is impressive! I love the way these sound. Build quality is fine for this price, and right in line with what I’d want. Any deficiencies in how they sound will come down to your personal taste in sound signatures, and not any particular lack of quality here. The Aurvana Live! The cable is reasonably sized (1.2 m) and made of two different cores running parallel and joined on one side. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you want fun-orientated, light and comfortable headphones you can enjoy while at home and on the go, the Creative Aurvana SE are surely an option to consider. And that’s why they will be included in Soundphile Review’s Best Headphones page. But being very particular about my audio purchase, I decided to hold back until I get a chance to review. The headband is made of plastic, with a metal band adding rigidity to it. With that reference in mind, we had fairly high expectations for the Aurvana Live! It’s not the largest headband, and I usually have to extend smaller headphones out all the way. Find out more Although they are on-ear headphones, they encircle my ears completely, with the pinnae touching the back of the pads. Detail is not extreme, but it conveys the necessary elements to get a hold of what’s going on. Between the three of them, they’ve got all bases covered. headphones are towards the top of this range which provide a good solution for all-purpose listening at a relatively affordable cost. The adjustments are really nice and clicky. Looking around online, I’ve not seen any other instances of this particular problem, so it was probably a one-off. It has a pretty classic headphone design, with ear cups that are slightly canted, minimal branding, and a permanently attached cable running to both cups. Either way, they’re remarkable by any standard. Imaging is better on the Aurvana SE, and so is instrument separation. The headband is metal-reinforced, as are the adjustment mechanisms. Feel free to leave a comment. Even in relatively crowded tracks the different elements are easy to distinguish, though a bit of detail is lost in the most complicated tracks. headphones are towards the top of this range which provide a good solution for all-purpose listening at a relatively affordable cost. This is a warm-leaning, generally wonderful-sounding pair of headphones… with a narrow soundstage. Also equipped with Creative Multipoint and Creative ShareMe™ technologies, you can share your music with your loved ones. Like the soundstage…the level of isolation is unremarkable. The Aurvana SE is in fact just a black-coloured Aurvana Live! You bet I would! The ear cup forks angle out just slightly before coming back in to your head, to help create even clamping pressure. Disclaimer: I got this unit for free from Creative. The Creative Aurvana SE is the company’s special edition headphones under their Aurvana Live! The Aurvana Live! Soundstage is wider on the HD681 EVO, though that’s expected as they are semi-open. products that sport high-definition audio. probably has a bit more packaging and accessories, though I have no first-hand experience of that. They sell the headphones on their website. Bio Cellulose is a weird fiber that’s made out of microbes. The carrying bag is fine. Alas Creative does not publish any technical specification other than frequency response. The rubber on the cable is a nice soft-touch material. Fortunately, the pads are nice and soft, and even with their almost on-ear fit, they didn’t exert any unwelcome pressure on my face or my glasses even after sessions lasting a couple of hours. It works fine in the loud coffee shop I usually test this stuff in, but doesn’t isolate as well as most other closed-back headphones I’ve tried. It’s mostly concentrated in the lower part, with some presence extending to the middle and the roll-off taking most of the upper range away. I wouldn’t define soundstage as very wide or deep; on the contrary, it’s somewhat intimate. It’s a closed back design, with just barely over-ear pads, non-removable 4 foot cable, and included extension cable and bag. They’re well separated, too, and even in complex tracks they’re identifiable individually. I had the chance of trying the Aurvana SE on a train. The overall design is really simple and essential, almost utilitarian, but it’s also elegant. This is a deceptively comfy pair of headphones, with enough comfort designed into it to just clear the “Good” hurdle. The instruments are placed on the whole stage, with each having a more-or-less well defined place. That’s not surprising for such a small, non-angled-driver headphone design. It’s great for either portable or home use. Some glue in the plug of my unit failed. Thanks to the driver there’s a good physicality and speed is especially remarkable. The Creative Aurvana SE are among them and they’re closely related to the well-known E-MU Purplehearts and to the Aurvana Live!. Creative is not as on the forefront of personal and PC audio as it was a couple decades ago, but they still have an interesting line-up of products which includes various earphones and headphones. 3.75 out of 5 2009-09-01 However at loud volumes, watch out for those high notes. Fortunately, imaging/separation between channels is exceptional, thanks to their impressive sound rendering. The price varies in the different regions: in the EU it’s €59.99, in the UK it’s £55.99, in the US it’s $84.99. In that regard, they are very comfortable but perhaps not as isolating as something like aSennheiser HD 280 Proor a headphone in a similar vein. They sound a bit more fun amped than my M50's. The sound signature is V-shaped, but gently enough so that midrange is not too much recessed. Featuring superb 40mm Neodymium drivers, NFC, Bluetooth® 3.0, high-definition aptX® and AAC audio codecs, the Aurvana Gold delivers studio-grade entertainment for a visceral acoustic performance.

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